Hydax grid trading bot — the secret to becoming rich

I am glad to welcome you, dear readers. Today we will talk about a very interesting ICO project HYDAX

With the invention of bitcoin, people started interacting with blockchain technology. Over the past decade, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, opening the door to new technologies. New technologies such as Ethereum, ripple, stellar, and neo continue to develop people’s ideas about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Interest has steadily grown thanks to the sharp increase that occurred before December 2018, and people are increasingly watching cryptocurrency trading more closely.

Cryptocurrencies are a brutal world in which you can easily access high returns and also easily lose your investments, so you need to keep a very good eye on the market. So today I want to talk about a very interesting exchange called HYDAX. HYDAX is a project that intends to become a reliable crypto exchange where you can easily make crypto purchases.

  • Security: the most basic feature that investors are looking for in the cryptocurrency market is that investments and funds were safe.
  • Transparency: the cryptocurrency market should be transparent enough for you, while preserving your investment. Cryptocurrency exchanges, whose future moves cannot be predicted, are an unsafe environment for users. One of the main problems of cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment is transparency.
  • Liquidity: the main problem of modern cryptocurrencies and exchanges is that cash flow is limited. If you can’t find enough buyers-sellers when you want to sell or buy a cryptocurrency.
  • High crypto exchange fees: transaction fees and money investments on many exchanges that we will qualify as reliable in the market are quite expensive. This basically contradicts the logic and philosophy of blockchain. If only exchanges make money when you trade, there is a big problem here.
  • Customer service: those who have been in this market for a long time must have experienced problems with exchanges. Due to failures in the transfer of money, system errors that occur, users often find themselves in a difficult situation. For such situations, exchange customer service should be available full-time and instantly.
  • Ease of use: cryptocurrency trading required quite a lot of technical knowledge in the past, which kept people away. People who want to invest should not have technical knowledge.

HYDAX is a cryptocurrency platform created without the vulnerabilities of modern classic exchanges. All investors ‘ assets are securely protected at the time of any attack, hiding in cold wallets that are not available. Even if an attack on the site is possible, users ‘ investments are reliably protected thanks to cold wallets. In addition, it establishes a close relationship with HYDAX investors, foreshadowing the steps it will take in the future, and operates in full compliance with the principle of transparency. It cares about community messages, as it knows that the future of the stock market will be directed along with its users.

If you want, you can trade from anywhere at any time by downloading apps via the Android or Ios platforms. This is also the freedom of access for you. You can also see for yourself how stable they are when you deconstruct apps, and they have a simple interface. Giving everyone easy access to the app is also a good solution to stock market liquidity problems. You can make transactions 24/7.

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency on the HYDAX exchange, you can easily trade for any amount, giving buyers or sellers easy access. You don’t need any technical knowledge when performing them. This is because HYDAX meets and serves its users with an interface that you won’t need in terms of usage supported in different languages. If you encounter a problem caused by a system error or a personal error, you can resolve your problems by contacting the HYDAX support team within a few minutes.

Depositing money on HYDAX and withdrawing money is quite cheap. At the same time, paying for a maker or taker transaction is also very convenient when trading. This is a feature that will increase your profitability in your transactions. If the stock market gets 10 pounds when you earn 100 pounds, it actually means that you lose 10% of your profits. Low transaction fees are customer-friendly, acting in the knowledge that when HYDAX users win, they win too.

The HYDAX trading platform provides the Bit Universe Trading Bot working tool. This tool will act as an active assistant for all participants of the cryptocurrency market. BitUniverse is the world’s first portfolio app whose main goal is to track all your trading platforms and crypto wallets. The convenience of using BitUniverse is that now you don’t have to switch among your many exchange registrations, since BitUniverse can easily automatically monitor and switch between more than 22 trading platforms such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi and many others. Thus speeding up all the processes of your work, and therefore the quality of your participation in the crypto market will increase many times. but this is not all because the special feature of BitUniverse is not only in the convenience and autonomy, but also in the built-in Grid trading bot, thanks to which market participants can get even more profit even on the swinging crypto market.

Another important feature of Grid trading bot is the grid trading strategy, due to which the bot manages to extract the maximum profit under both trend and side market conditions. The main goal of implementing such a working tool is to maximize its profit for each of its platform participants. Reaching at least more than 100% per annum, which in the case of online trading is quite easy to do.

As for the General rules for using Bit Universe and Trading Bot, you need to download the Bit Universe app in google play or appstore, then register, create an account, find the portfolio tab and click add the Hydax trading platform to your portfolio. After all the conditions are met, you will see a plus sign in the upper right corner. you need to click on it to connect the API Key from Hydax next step. After that, you can start creating your Grid trading bot. To do this, you will need to go back to the navigation bar and select the trading bot category. In the window that appears, select for example Hydax and then the trading pair with which you intended to create a grid bot. Next, the system will ask you to set all the necessary ranges and parameters to get the desired margin profit and other parameters related to the active ones, which you will be able to deal with in more detail on your own in practice. In fact, using this working tool is quite easy and simple.

Well, here’s my brief overview of the HYDAX exchange. In conclusion, I can say that the project deserves attention, and will be in demand both among new traders and enthusiasts who want to make money on cryptocurrency, and will find its application among experienced traders. Thank you for your attention and thank everyone who read the article to the end.

All useful links can be found below:

Hydax Official website: https://www.hydax.com
Hydax Exchange Group: https://t.me/HydaxExchange
Hydax Bounty Group: https://t.me/HydaxBounty
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5194780
APP Download: https://r7.ac.cn/hydax
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HydaxE
Medium: https://medium.com/hydax
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hydax_exchange/

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